VR Wallpaper

VR benefits from marked features

Ever wondered why VR game demos are given in rooms with markings on the wall?

It's because they help improve the quality of the VR experience. Anything that improves the fundamentals of VR headset operation will make for a better perceived experience.

You can mimic this approach at home.

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, consider painting it (or using wallpaper) to create a similar effect.

Wallpaper too much? Try prints.

Patterned prints help tracking. Avoid shiny prints. Matt finishes make more sense here.

  • Cheaper than wallpaper.
  • Less permanent.
  • Easy to install and remove.

Improved tracking

Inside-out tracking cameras in modern headsets benefit from clear points of visual interest.

A patterned wall provides the features necessary for better tracking when looking around.

Remember to cover up shiny, reflective items e.g. mirrors.

It makes sense when you see how Oculus Insight works.

Ideal visual features

  • Alternately coloured, high contrast feature walls.
  • Marked shapes inverted from wall colour. E.g. black triangle on white wall and vice versa.
  • Keep shapes unique.
  • Clear, sharp edges to shapes.
  • Styling opportunities

    There is still an opportunity to leave your mark on the design. Colours, shape size and frequency are all up for grabs.

    Some ideas,

    • You could have a giant lightning strike design across one wall
    • Low-poly birds on the other.